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'Loser Prabowo Claims Victory on Indonesia', Kalimat Tersebut Jadi Judul Berita Media Australia

Adapun Berita yang diturunkan the australian itu diberi judul Loser Prabowo claims victory on Indonesia.

'Loser Prabowo Claims Victory on Indonesia', Kalimat Tersebut Jadi Judul Berita Media Australia
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Prabowo teriakan takbirs saat klaim kemenangan sementara dari real count KPU. 

Earlier he attended a local mosque where supporters chanted “Prabowo president” as he left.

Jokowi has said he will not formally claim victory until the Election Commission’s official results next month, though on Thursday he acknowledged quick counts showed he had secured 54.45 per cent of the vote and that he had ­received numerous congratulatory calls from world leaders.

More than 160 million Indonesians are estimated to have voted this week in the world’s biggest one-day election exercise, casting ballots for the next president as well as 20,000 seats in the national, provincial, municipal and regency level legislatures.

But Mr Prabowo has repeatedly declared victory, citing his own team’s quick count survey that he claims shows he won 62 per cent of the vote. He told supporters on Thursday night: “Sandiaga Uno and I are declaring victory as the president and vice-president.’’

Mr Sandiaga, his 49-year-old running mate, was absent yesterday as he was Wednesday night when Mr Prabowo declared himself the election winner. Party officials explained his absence first on “non-stop hiccups”, then yesterday on suspected dengue fever.

As in 2014 when Mr Prabowo was first defeated by Jokowi, he has alleged widespread electoral “irregularities” and flagged a likely court challenge. He has also urged supporters to “guard the ballot boxes” to ensure against vote tampering as the commission’s ­official manual count continues.

Hours ahead of yesterday’s gathering, former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono — whose Democrat party aligned with Mr Prabowo for the campaign — warned against mass protests and urged party officials not to involve themselves in activities “that contravene the constitution and laws”.

It is the second time in a fortnight SBY has criticised his erstwhile ally, after issuing a statement expressing concern that Mr Prabowo’s rallies had taken on an ­increasingly sectarian hue.

Mr Prabowo’s supporters had hoped to stage yesterday’s event at the same central Jakarta monument that became the focal point for the 2016 mass protests against former Jakarta governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama, who was later jailed for blasphemy.

His backers include the Islamic Defenders’ Front and 212 Movement, two groups central to that campaign. But they were forced to shift the gathering after police ­denied them a permit and pointedly warned that mass demonstrations would “not be tolerated”.

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